Lombok's Coffee Culture: Exploring the Best Local Coffee Shops and Plantations

1/7/20243 min read

glass cup filled with ice latte on tabletop
glass cup filled with ice latte on tabletop

Lombok, an island in Indonesia, is not only known for its stunning landscapes and pristine beaches but also for its rich coffee culture. For coffee enthusiasts, Lombok offers a unique opportunity to savor delicious blends while immersing themselves in the island's natural beauty. In this article, we will explore some of the best local coffee shops and plantations in Lombok, where you can indulge in the aromatic world of coffee.

The Coffee Culture in Lombok

Lombok's coffee culture is deeply rooted in the island's history and traditions. The coffee industry in Lombok has been growing steadily over the years, with local farmers cultivating high-quality coffee beans that are sought after by coffee connoisseurs around the world.

One of the unique aspects of Lombok's coffee culture is the focus on organic and sustainable farming practices. Many coffee plantations in Lombok follow traditional methods of cultivation, avoiding the use of chemicals and pesticides. This commitment to sustainability not only ensures the production of exceptional coffee but also contributes to the preservation of the island's natural environment.

Exploring Local Coffee Shops in Lombok

When it comes to experiencing Lombok's coffee culture, visiting the local coffee shops is a must. These coffee shops not only serve delicious coffee but also provide a cozy ambiance where you can relax and enjoy your cup of joe. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Lombok:

1. Senja Coffee House

Located in Mataram, Senja Coffee House is a popular spot for coffee enthusiasts. The coffee house offers a wide variety of coffee blends, including the famous Kopi Luwak, which is made from coffee beans that have been eaten and excreted by civets. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make Senja Coffee House a perfect place to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee.

2. Klinik Kopi

If you are looking for a unique coffee experience, Klinik Kopi is the place to go. This coffee shop not only serves delicious coffee but also offers workshops and classes where you can learn about the art of coffee brewing. The knowledgeable staff at Klinik Kopi will guide you through the process of making the perfect cup of coffee, ensuring that you leave with a newfound appreciation for the beverage.

3. Kopi Kultur

Located in Senggigi, Kopi Kultur is a hidden gem for coffee lovers. The coffee shop prides itself on serving locally sourced and freshly roasted coffee beans. The baristas at Kopi Kultur are passionate about their craft and will gladly share their knowledge and expertise with you. Whether you prefer a classic espresso or a specialty brew, Kopi Kultur has something to satisfy every coffee lover's palate.

Exploring Coffee Plantations in Lombok

For a more immersive coffee experience, a visit to the coffee plantations in Lombok is a must. These plantations not only offer breathtaking views of the island's landscapes but also provide an opportunity to learn about the coffee cultivation process. Here are some of the best coffee plantations in Lombok:

1. Malimbu Coffee Plantation

Located in the village of Malimbu, this coffee plantation offers a unique insight into the coffee production process. Visitors can take a guided tour of the plantation, where they will learn about the different stages of coffee cultivation, from planting to harvesting. The tour also includes a coffee tasting session, where you can sample the plantation's signature blends.

2. Sembalun Coffee Plantation

Situated in the picturesque Sembalun Valley, this coffee plantation is known for its stunning views and high-quality coffee beans. The plantation follows traditional farming methods, ensuring that the coffee beans are grown in harmony with nature. Visitors can take a guided tour of the plantation, explore the coffee fields, and learn about the intricate process of coffee production.

3. Tetebatu Coffee Plantation

Tetebatu Coffee Plantation is nestled in the lush green hills of Tetebatu village. The plantation offers a serene and tranquil setting, perfect for coffee enthusiasts seeking a peaceful retreat. Visitors can take a leisurely walk through the coffee fields, accompanied by the soothing sounds of nature. The plantation also has a small coffee shop where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee while taking in the breathtaking views.


Lombok's coffee culture is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Whether you choose to visit the local coffee shops or embark on a journey to the coffee plantations, you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience. The combination of delicious coffee, scenic landscapes, and warm hospitality makes Lombok the perfect destination for coffee enthusiasts. So, pack your bags, grab your favorite mug, and get ready to savor the unique blends of Lombok's coffee culture.