Adventure Seekers' Paradise: Exploring Lesser-Known Mount Rinjani Routes in Lombok

1/7/20243 min read

a man cooking food on a stove
a man cooking food on a stove

For avid trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia, offers a paradise of breathtaking landscapes and thrilling experiences. While the traditional trekking routes are well-known and attract a large number of tourists, there are also lesser-known trails that promise a more intimate connection with nature and a unique adventure. In this blog post, we will recommend some off-the-beaten-path routes that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes of Mount Rinjani.

Rinjani National Park: A Brief Overview

Before we dive into the lesser-known routes, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty and significance of Rinjani National Park. Located on the island of Lombok, Rinjani is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, standing tall at 3,726 meters. The national park is not only a haven for trekkers but also home to diverse flora and fauna, including the rare and endangered Rinjani Scops Owl.

Exploring Lesser-Known Routes

1. Sembalun Village to Plawangan Sembalun

If you're looking for a challenging and less crowded route, the trek from Sembalun Village to Plawangan Sembalun is an excellent choice. This route offers a unique perspective of Mount Rinjani and takes you through lush green valleys, picturesque rice terraces, and traditional Sasak villages. The highlight of this trek is reaching Plawangan Sembalun, a high ridge that offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the stunning Segara Anak Lake.

2. Senaru Village to Plawangan Senaru

Another lesser-known route is the trek from Senaru Village to Plawangan Senaru. This trail is known for its diverse landscapes, including dense rainforests, waterfalls, and open savannahs. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to spot wildlife such as macaques, deer, and various bird species. The trek culminates at Plawangan Senaru, where you can witness a magnificent sunrise over Mount Rinjani and the awe-inspiring crater lake.

3. Timbanuh Village to Aik Berik

If you're seeking a truly off-the-beaten-path experience, the trek from Timbanuh Village to Aik Berik is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. This route takes you through remote villages and untouched landscapes, offering a glimpse into the authentic rural life of Lombok. The highlight of this trek is the Aik Berik waterfall, where you can take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Tips for a Memorable Trekking Experience

Now that you have an idea of the lesser-known routes to explore in Mount Rinjani, here are some tips to ensure a memorable and safe trekking experience:

1. Plan and Prepare

Before embarking on your trek, make sure to plan and prepare adequately. Research the routes, check the weather conditions, and pack essential items such as a good quality backpack, hiking boots, warm clothing, a first aid kit, and sufficient food and water.

2. Engage a Local Guide

While it's possible to trek Mount Rinjani independently, engaging a local guide is highly recommended. A guide not only ensures your safety but also provides valuable insights into the local culture, flora, and fauna. They can also help you navigate the trails and discover hidden gems along the way.

3. Respect the Environment

As responsible trekkers, it's crucial to respect the environment and leave no trace. Avoid littering, stick to designated trails, and follow any rules or regulations set by the national park authorities. By preserving the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani, we can ensure its sustainability for future generations.

4. Stay Physically Fit

Trekking Mount Rinjani requires a certain level of physical fitness. Prepare yourself by engaging in regular exercise, including cardio and strength training. It's also advisable to acclimatize to the altitude gradually to minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

5. Embrace the Experience

Finally, remember to embrace the experience and immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes and rich culture of Lombok. Take time to appreciate the beauty around you, interact with the locals, and create lasting memories.


For adventure seekers and avid trekkers, Mount Rinjani in Lombok offers a plethora of off-the-beaten-path routes that promise a unique and adventurous experience. Whether you choose to trek from Sembalun Village to Plawangan Sembalun, Senaru Village to Plawangan Senaru, or Timbanuh Village to Aik Berik, each route will take you on a remarkable journey through the stunning landscapes of Rinjani National Park. Remember to plan and prepare, engage a local guide, respect the environment, stay physically fit, and embrace the experience for a truly memorable trekking adventure.